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           We are a startup company, with a vision to provide our customers with aviation products that they need. Through personal experiences, we understand the importance of our service in an ever growing economy in Thailand and neighboring countries. With over 10 years of personal experiences from the field of logistics, fuel services, industrial chemicals and to aviation lubricants, along with partners around the world with over 20 years of experience, we are ready to serve you better than before.



We at NY Aero Co., Ltd.  serving & supporting Airlines, General Aviation, Militaries & MROs in Thailand and some parts of South East Asia for their needs of Outright Purchase, Exchange, Repair-Overhaul, Avionics Retrofit & Installation Programs ranging from ready to use & customized consumables parts (Expendables, Connectors, Cable Harnesses) to Avionics, Accessories, Instruments & Rotables for various types of aircrafts ranging from Civilian & Military Regional Turbo Props to Heavy Jet Transports (both Fixed & Rotary Wings).


             NY AERO, supplies also the ground support equipment and tooling. In close cooperation with our worldwide network of certified suppliers and manufacturers. We also offers a diverse range of automotive, aviation and marine lubricants, and specialty chemical products for commercial, industrial, aviation and marine applications. And we still have more!!!

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March 2016

We are now representing Chemtura for ANDEROL ROYCO® specialty lubricants for more

May 2016

Supporting Tri-Wing Aviation Resources for an on going project.

Who are they? more

June 2016

Need Mobil Jet Oil II? Or Eastman products?..... Contact our partner they can help you

July 2016

Looking for Piston Engine Oils? Look no more, we have AeroShell Sport Plus 4, w100, w120, more for AeroShell Aviation Lubricants

What is Flight Data Recorder?

Shell Water Detectors


The Shell Water Detector is a device for determining the presence in jet fuels of finely dispersed undissolved water in concentrations lower than those more

We are relocating our office, we will announce our new office soon.

Hand Held Multi-Purpose Interface

The HHMPI is a hand held device which connects directly to multiple types of FDRs & CVRs


- Low cost Interface Cables

- Firmware for most FDR/CVR types available

- Reduces logistics and support costs



   Aviation Recorders

> Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorders            > Flight Data Acquisition Unit (FDAU)

> Solid State Flight Data Recorders                 > Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Class II &

                                                                                  Class III

> Modular Recording System (MADRAS)        > Combined Recorder

> Hard Landing Indicator System                     > Airborne AIS

> Quick Access Recorder (QAR)



   Repair, Overhaul & Exchange Services for

> Avionics

> Instruments & Accessories

   Certified Aircraft Parts

> OEM license holder from Boeing, Honeywell & Lockheed Martin.

> Proprietary Parts

> FAA Certified PMA Expendable Parts for Engine, Airframe, Accessories & Landing Gears

Flight Data Service : Flight Data Recorder (FDR) Replay & Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR) Readout.... read more

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