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Hydraulic Fluids


ROYCO® Hydraulic Fluids are engineered for the most rigorous of applications – the battlefield. With such credentials you can be sure that ROYCO® Hydraulic Fluids will perform for your aerospace and industrial hydraulic needs.* These fluids are additized to provide optimal anti-wear, corrosion, demulsibility, and oxidation performance across broad operating temperature ranges. For added reliability many of the ROYCO® Hydraulic Fluids are produced to meet or exceed the military’s cleanliness requirements for hydraulic fluids.


* Where suitable as defined by the application and hardware requirements.


Product Specifications* ISO Grade NATO
ROYCO® SSF BMS - 3 - 32 - TYPE 1 Shock Strut Fluid
ROYCO® LGF BMS - 3 - 32 - TYPE 2 Landing Gear Fluid
ROYCO® 717 32 H-575 Power Transmission Hydraulic Fluid
ROYCO® 756 MIL - PRF - 5606 14 H-515 “Red Oil” - Hydraulic Fluid
ROYCO® 756A 14 Hydraulic fluid that meets obsolete MIL-PRF-5606(A)
ROYCO® 757 4 Hydraulic and Preservative Fluid
ROYCO® 783 MIL - PRF - 6083 14 C-635 Land Systems Hydraulic and Preservative Fluid
ROYCO® 770 MIL - PRF - 46170 16 H-544 Fire-Resistant, Synthetic, Severe-Duty Hydraulic Fluid
ROYCO® 782 MIL - PRF - 83282 14 H-537 Fire-Resistant, Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

Weapons Cleaner & Preservative Lubes


The modern firearm has come a long way. The world’s militaries demand that their firearms work every time and all the time. The ROYCO® Weapons Cleaner & Preservative Lubes are not simple “gun oils.” These fluids are complex formulations of contemporary technology that removes fouling, prevents corrosion, and provides long-lasting lubrication for weapon readiness. These characteristics are proven for use in both small and large caliber weapons - even after severe firing and in the harshest of environments. A truly military grade product that will exceed any sporting demands.



Product Specifications* ISO Grade
ROYCO® 46 MIL - L - 46000   O-158 Semi-Fluid Synthetic Lubricant with Lithium
ROYCO® 634E MIL - PRF - 63460 - E   S-758 Advanced Weapons Cleaner, Lube & Preservative

Turbine & Drivetrain Fluids


Today’s aerospace turbine engines serve a life critical role. With such responsibility, ROYCO® Turbine Fluids are developed to deliver performance to a sophisticated industry. At the crossroads of this obligation are decades of technical wherewithal and dedicated manufacturing. You can have confidence in ROYCO® Turbine Fluids, for the most advanced fighters to commercials jet and through to helicopter drivetrains.




Specifications* ISO Grade NATO Description
ROYCO® 481 MIL - PRF - 6081 GRADE 1010   O-133 Mineral Oil Turbine Engine Oil
ROYCO® 500 MIL - PRF - 23699 STD   O-156 Synthetic Turbine Engine Oil
ROYCO® 555 DOD - PRF - 85734   O-160 Turbine Engine & Helicopter Transmission Oil
ROYCO® 560 MIL - PRF - 23699 HTS   O-156 High Temperature Stability Turbine Engine Oil
ROYCO® 808 MIL - PRF - 7808 GRADE 3   O-148 Low viscosity Turbine Engine Oil
ROYCO® 899 MIL - PRF - 23699 CI   O-156 Corrosion Inhibition Turbine Engine Oil

*Unless noted, product meets latest revision of specification.

Performance Compounds and Greases


ROYCO® Performance Compounds and Greases are semi-solid blends of the latest technology for additives, base fluids and modern thickeners. The delicate balance of these components and the artful science that goes into these mixtures should only be trusted to experienced practitioners of ROYCO® Performance Compounds and Greases. These systems are designed for the most demanding lubrication requirements. From severely loaded gears and extreme pressure sliding surfaces, while exposed to high altitude, corrosive and/or marine environments, ROYCO® Performance Compounds and Greases deliver the needed performance.




Product Specifications*   NATO Description
ROYCO® 1MS MIL - PRF - 83483   Anti-Seize Thread and Severe-Duty/Heavy-Load Compound
ROYCO® 11MS   Sevre-Duty General Purpose Aircraft Grease that meets obsolete                          MIL - G - 7711A
ROYCO® 22CF MIL - PRF - 81322   G-395 A Chromate-Free, Wide Operating Temperature, Multi-Function & General Purpose Grease
ROYCO® 22MS MIL - G - 81827   Wide-Operating Temperature, High-Load Synthetic Grease
ROYCO® 27 MIL - PRF - 23827 TYPE 1   G-354 Multi-purpose Instrument & Airframe Grease
ROYCO® 43 SAE - AMS - 4343   G-392 Lithium Grease
ROYCO® 44 SAE - AMS - 2518   S-720 Graphite Anti-Seize Compound
ROYCO® 46 MIL - L - 46000   O-158 Semi-Fluid Synthetic Lubricant with Lithium
ROYCO® 49 MIL - DTL - 23549   Extreme Pressure Grease with MoS2
ROYCO® 64 MIL - G - 21164   G-353 Advanced MoS2 Synthetic Grease

Specialty Application and Performance Fluids


Today’s aerospace environment is broad and has many needs. The ROYCO® Specialty Application Fluids line brings the most advanced technology and confidence to those needs. From coolant to dielectric protection through to gear and sliding surface lube requirements, ROYCO® Specialty Application Fluids are the solution.





Product Specifications*
  NATO Description
ROYCO® 308CA MIL - PRF - 32033   O-190 (obsolete) A General Purpose, Lubricating, and Preservative/Water-Displacing Oil
ROYCO® 315 MIL - PRF - 3150   O-192 General Purpose Preservative Lube
ROYCO® 363 MIL - PRF - 7870   0-142 Low Temperature, General Purpose & Instrument Lube
ROYCO® 482 MIL - C - 6529 TYPE 2   C-609 Aircraft Piston Engine & Parts Preservative Fluid
ROYCO® 483 MIL - C - 6529 TYPE 3   C-610 Aircraft Turbojet Engine & Parts Preservative Fluid
ROYCO® 581 MIL - C - 6529 TYPE 1   C-608 Preservative CONCENTRATE for Aircraft Engines
ROYCO® 586L MIL - PRF - 6086 GRADE L   O-153 Low Temperature Load Carrying Lube
ROYCO® 586M MIL - PRF - 6086 GRADE M   O-155 High Temperature Load Carrying Lube
ROYCO® 602 MIL - PRF - 87252   S-1748 Hydrolytically Stable Coolant & Dielectric Lubricating Fluid
ROYCO® 634E MIL - PRF - 63460 - E   S-758 Advanced Multi-purpose Lubricant
ROYCO® 885 MIL - PRF - 6085   O-147 Low-Volatility Instrument & General Lubricating Fluid
ROYCO® HF-825   Assembly Grease
ROYCO® 950 MIL - PRF - 7024 TYPE 2   Fuel System Calibration Fluid



     ANDEROL is a leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance specialty lubricants used in wide ranging industrial applications backed by more than 70 years of experience. ANDEROL has a pedigree of technological leadership, pioneering the use of synthetic fluids in aviation to support the American war effort. Its patented technology enabled American military planes to fly across the Atlantic without suffering catastrophic engine overheating.


      In the 1950's, ANDEROL diversified into new lubrication areas providing products that offered strides in performance and efficiency. In the 1960's, ANDEROL established a global reputation as a manufacturer of high-performance lubricants within the industrial markets, particularly in air compressors and vacuum pumps ANDEROL products are sold into more than 50 countries worldwide. Major countries are served through our extensive network of carefully selected, dedicated distributors.


      ANDEROL research, service and sales employees are highly trained professionals, all selected for their specialist knowledge in industrial lubricants and applications. The historical legacy of innovation and commitment towards our customers remains the company's ethos. By placing emphasis on R&D we are able to quickly formulate new lubrication solutions. Our products excel in extremes of temperatures, within sealed-for-life equipment and under particularly difficult or contaminated conditions.


     The application of ANDEROL products cuts maintenance requirements usually by half, improves operating efficiency and increases machine life significantly which leads to an overall cost effectiveness. If you would like to experience better lubrication at a lower cost, please call us today. We are pleased to discuss and offer advice on any lubrication issue.



Anderol Specialty Lubricants,

a Division of Chemtura Corporation




     For over 70 years, Anderol has been a leading innovator in the development of synthetic lubricant solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Driven by our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have designed our products to meet or exceed the increasing demands of the industries we serve. Our products consistently deliver on the promise of maximized equipment performance and reduced maintenance costs, as well as a variety of specific benefits tailored precisely for your critical application.

     We have earned the confidence of our customers, largely due to the combination of our extensive Research and Development departments, our Technical Services staff, and our unique ability to offer the most cost effective solution for your application.























ANDEROL and Royal Lubricants merged into one business

ANDEROL Japan and ANDEROL ITALIA established

ROYAL Lubricants and ANDEROL Acquired by Kaufman  Holdings


SERVO licensed NUODEX Lubricants

NUODEX spun of from TENNECO

SHELL International Petroleum Company purchased ROYAL  Lubricants

1st major compressor OEM relationship established

TENNECO expanded capabilities for lubricants

TENNECO acquires Lehigh – NUODEX Business Unit  formed

ANDEROL Trademark filed

Wright Patterson Air Force engineers purchase ROYAL

ROYAL Lubricants established to develop, produce and  market Synthetic Aviation fluids

Lehigh Chemical established to develop, produce and  market ANDEROL lubricants


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